Hawk62 Operations Video

Commercial videography

I was provided with all the drone tech possible along with some of my own to capture the footage used in this video. Hawk 62 uses their highly advanced drone to provide crucial results to their clients. Here we see them inspecting a Solar farm for damaged or defective panels that causes a loss in energy harvested. Hawk provided the licensed song.

NMU - National English Literary Museum

Honours Student Kenneth Rampou 

I was approached by NMU Prof. Gerrit Crawford to supply Kenneth with content that he would then in turn use along with his thorough research dealing with the user-friendliness, impact on environmental conditions and even the people that occupy these office spaces. The study was quite interesting and allowed me to under more on how a Greenstar building is designed, not to mention all the recyclable or natural material is used.


Kenneth was awarded a distinction for his efforts and went on to speak at a Greenstar conference Johannesburg.

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